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Who we are

Realmode is and shall be a German/Austrian Reallifeserver, which shall contain roleplay elements later on. The server runs with the script of @SORGINATOR, called EKONOMIE <3. Now more functions were added, for example the ÖAMTC or also the centrally located funfair.

The factions

The police

... is one of the 4 main factions on Realmode. It provides for law and order and takes over tasks such as traffic surveillance

or also personal and object protection. But also the prevention of robberies and criminal activities belongs to their area of responsibility.

The rescue service

... takes care of all medical matters on RM*. They are there for all kinds of emergencies, such as a fall from a great height causing a fracture of a bone.

height, which caused a fracture of a bone, or even blood poisoning.

The gangs

... are the dark side of Realmode. They earn their money through criminal activities. First of all there are two gangs, the

Mafia and the Triads. However, it is also possible to open your own gang in one of the 4 locations.

Job offers

Currently there are 6 jobs on Realmode, which offer different levels of difficulty and pay. Two are listed here:

The Lumberjack

Here you have the task of cutting and processing trees for our dear Willie.

The Refinery Job

At the refinery you have the opportunity to supply the gas stations of San Andreas with enough fuel. Drive a tanker truck to all the

stations that need fuel.

Diversion & Business


RM has 3 arenas to offer. The Battle Arena, where you can exercise your fighting spirit against other players, the DD Arena as well as the Derby Arena. In addition

there is also a kart track where you can race karts.

Random events

Every now and then random events happen, such as traffic accidents on the highway or helicopter crashes, where you can find useful items or small treasures from the wreckage.

useful items or small treasures from the wreckage.

Tasks and quests

Everywhere in San Andreas there are NPCs, where you can solve various tasks. As a reward you will either receive our ingame currency Coins,

with which you can buy certain extras, or money.

Clothing stores

In clothing stores like Train Hard, Victim or Sub Urban you can buy different skins. Also check other stores if your desired skin is not in stock.

skin you want is not in stock.


Here you are allowed to tune your private car. No matter if you need a reinforced body or a tracking device. Here every

tuner happy.

Gas stations

At every gas station you can refill your vehicle with fuel and also buy snacks, drinks and repair kits. At some gas stations it is also possible

to have your vehicle repaired. Because: In case of a total loss your car will not go on and needs a repair by ÖAMTC or a repair kit.

24/7 and SuperSave!

At such stores you can buy small things like cell phone credits, sandwiches and other stuff. It is also possible to return deposit bottles here.

Car dealerships

... offer you the possibility to buy a car. Each car dealership, whether in San Fierro or Los Santos, has different vehicles in their inventory. If you do not find the car of your dreams

you don't find the car of your dreams, just go to another one!

Furniture stores

In a furniture store you can buy furniture. Why? You can furnish and decorate your own house yourself. Here too, depending on the store, there is a

different assortment.


After some time you need to eat something to not starve. Restaurants are good for that, here you can quickly take something for the road or eat something on the spot.

We are happy about every player, young or old. You are welcome.