Trackhistory & Privacy-Policy changed

Dear listeners,

the page(s) of the radio station "Radio Marzahn" is now located directly in the main menu and

no longer under "More". In addition to this change we have added a TRACKHISTORY

which shows the last 10 songs with time, artist and song title.

In this regard, we must inform that this has added us to the point 9.3 in the privacy policy..:


9.3 Using of the API

This website uses the public LAUT.FM API. The LAUT.FM API is a service of LAUT AG and exposes general information about LAUT.FM, listings of stations and information about individual stations. When the API is accessed, information of a general nature is automatically transmitted to This information includes, for example, the IP address, the type of web browser and operating system used, the domain name of your Internet service provider and the like. This is exclusively information that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your person. This information is technically necessary, for example, to correctly deliver the currently running title and is mandatory when using the Internet. Anonymous information of this type is only stored by LAUT AG for a short period of time and, if necessary, statistically evaluated in order to optimize the API and the technology behind it.

Many greetings,


PS: Soon there will be again the Radio Marzahn - App for on the go in the Google Play-Store ;)