hCaptcha & Our Privacy-Policy has been changed

Hello dear D1strict-Members,

we disable hCaptcha!

Why are we disabling hCaptcha?

The reason is quite simple: the legal situation is currently uncertain, for example regarding the EU-Privacy Shield. Since hCapcha is also not a legally secure solution/alternative to reCaptcha, we have decided to disable captchas completely. We don't want to have a long discussion about this. We know ourselves that the EU Privacy Shield does not apply (yet). :)

A good article has been written by the plugin developer of the CMS "WoltLab Suite™", which also provides reasons for our actions (translate from german):

Will there be more spam on our sites as a result?

It's not possible to say exactly at the moment. However, our regulations are very strict about new users.

For example, a new user can not immediately publish new posts, comments for 2 days, but must first wait for an activation on the part of the moderation. So it can be seen in advance whether the respective user has registered with evil intent :evil: or not.