GangstaSunny Designz closes


Today I may announce that from now on all styles from GanstaSunny Designz will be adopted and developed by us.

Among the adopted products are for example the popular styles like “Role Royale”, “Sing Me To Sleep” and many more styles inside.

Big thank you to GanstaSunny, for smoothly handing over and giving me the privilege to carry on all the styles.

As with the styles already adopted on February 21, 2022, I will spend the next few weeks preparing optimization/compatibility updates for WSC 5.4 as necessary. In the future, further adjustments will be made accordingly, should this become necessary. (Keyword WSC 5.5 and higher)

For customers, this means that support will no longer be provided via the Discord community of GangstaSunny, but directly via our ticket-system, via email or via our Discord-Community. Also, customers retain access to the products in the plugin store and thus receive further updates free of charge. Customer status for support of paid styles, on our site, can be obtained through our ticket-system.

If you have any questions or problems, we are of course at your disposal. :)