Continuation of some GanstaSunny–Styles


Here I am again. Two news in one day, this is going like clockwork here. ^^

Gladly, I may announce that the styles:

by GangstaSunny will be continued soon, here at D1strict. Last year, the support for the above-mentioned products has been discontinued. I think that this would be quite a pity, if these styles disappear somewhere into oblivion. In this respect I would like to thank you very much that the handover was quite fast and uncomplicated and that I am allowed to continue the styles at all. That is not a matter of course. :thumbup:

In the next days and weeks, there will be optimization or compatibility updates for the WSC 5.4, if necessary. In the future, further adjustments will be made accordingly, should this become necessary. (Keyword WSC 5.5 and higher)

Customers who have purchased a Branding Free license for one of the above styles will not see any changes. These licenses are still valid.

As with my other products, I answer support requests via the ticket system, which can be reached by e-mail ( or via You can also post a request via the GanstaSunny Designz - Discordserver or our Discordserver — I will check the messages there from time to time —, but usually support issues are better handled via our ticket system. ;)

Thanks again to GanstaSunny, be curious – I will surely report again.

Many greetings,