New Product: Multi-Factor-Authentication: Autosubmit


now I get in touch again, because of a new extension. You could almost think that I now publish a new plugin every month. ^^ There I must disappoint you. Right now there is some air, but that can look different soon.

Let's get to the point.

Who does not know it... .

You log in and have to use multifactor-authentication. I open a 2FA app on my cell phone and use my numpad on the keyboard to type in the 6-digit code. Now I have to reach for the mouse or press the “Enter” key because the code is not sent automatically. Maybe additionally, one has only a few seconds until the code expires... . This is now ends. The plugin released today sends the form automatically as soon as you have entered the necessary number of digits.

Here's the plugin: https://www.development.d1stri…entifizierung-autosubmit/

There is no picture because... well, it just doesn't work :P

Many greetings,