Welcome back... or so.


it took a long time, but little by little the projects are going online again in their new shine.

I have to apologize for the long wait – I myself didn't even think that the whole thing would take so much time.

The reason for the delays was mainly my critical thinking. Several times I thought I was almost done - but then I didn't like it & I started all over again. In between, I lacked the time and unfortunately also the desire.

In any case, there is now (besides the new design) also a little more clarity. I put the projects back into different subdomains, so everything is now sorted & centralized for each project.

But let's start with the projects.

  • Ace Logistics
    • With a heavy heart, we had to say goodbye to Ace Logistics after a relatively short stay with us. The project was abandoned by the project management. It was a pity, it was a really nice time, which I like to think back to.
  • Photos
    • Again this year I am busy taking photos. Currently, I am working on involving you – the community – more. So you will be able to show your work.
    • This page still needs some time, but should be online in the 1st quarter of this year.
  • Development
    • The first product was already released this year. Unfortunately, I didn't reach the goals of the last year. Therefore, I set the same goals for this year. Means, the copy plugins will get a conversion to the form builder, some styles will be made 5.4 (resp. 5.5) – compatible resp. renewed.
    • The site is online as of today (02/14/2022).
  • Blog
    • Here I am not sure yet if I will continue the project. I would like to blog about various IT topics, but I am very busy – so it will be difficult.
  • Radio Marzahn
    • I want to invest more time in the radio station. Besides own productions, but also cooperations with partner stations, I want a unique station for my home district, which stands out from the mainstream. This requires quite a lot of time. Especially the conception, production and editing.
    • The site still needs some work, I expect it to be released in the 2nd quarter of this year.

And last but not least: The store.

  • Here, in addition to a "premium" membership for the photo project, there will be paid add-ons, or styles. I expect a release within a month.

New is now “myD1strict”. The central place for the D1strict account. Via myD1strict, you can log in to all D1strict projects in due time, so you don't have to create double accounts for the respective projects. I have taken over the accounts from last year, if there are any problems with the login, please submit a ticket in the ticket system.

Under myD1strict you can also find important information about the account, legal changes, etc. .

That's it for now.

Many greetings,