New styles: glive


Not long ago I published the style "Pilot". Now another style called "glive" is about to follow.

This style is available in two style variations to download and install. Alternatively, there is of course the

Installation via our package server. To do this, please refer to the Message dated March 31, 2021.

Also in this style, as is actually always the case, there is branding. This can be removed with a CopyFree/Branding Free - License

removed. In this style, however, I thought that it would be relatively unattractive if you had to create a new branding for each of the two

variations, you have to buy another license each time.

That's why there is now a combo license for this style to purchase at a price of €7.99. Unlike the other

CopyFree licenses relatively cheap (for comparison: for single styles I actually take €9.99), despite that here

two styles are covered. Of course, I also offer single licenses (€4.99).

Enough with the advertising. :)

Variation 1:


Variation 2:

For the night owls. ^^


You already know it from the last product release:

You can find even more impressions on the related store page ( & or in the demo installation.