News from the D1strict

Dear D1strict-Members,

There is something new to report after a long time.

Our team is expanding...

First, there are news from our team. Or rather, now a team has just been formed. ^^

I welcome @Triple Ace Gaming to the D1strict-Team as a volunteer (comparable to a moderator)

He is one of the founders of a new project, which I will introduce in a moment.

And I also welcome @AdyEndre to our team. He is also a member of the new project and

has agreed to translate our entire website into Hungarian. That's what I call a great

Gift, because now it means to translate over 16000 variables. That is really a lot of work. Huge thanks for that! :thumbup:

One project goes - One project comes....

One or the other had possibly seen the project "D1strict-Logistics".

This project has been terminated. - Okay, to be honest, merely merged.

Because I may welcome in the project group: the first third party project, which is not directly from my hand.

"Ace Logistics". In principle almost the same project as "D1strict-Logistics". - A virtual company with the focus on the

"Euro Truck Simulator 2" and "American Truck Simulator" with its expansion "TruckersMP".

Single difference: the project is in English. I as the administrator of this site, provide the necessary resources

for a nice website and some other features like an intranet, a live map.

So to speak, I am responsible for the maintenance of the website. I thank the founders!

Private life

Unfortunately, pretty big sh*t happened in the last weeks. Therefore, my side and its projects came much too short.

Even now, after the situation has improved, it is still a psychological burden.

I don't want to share much more about the incident, some privacy I still want to keep.

But I can say one thing, I don't want to experience something like that again. It was a life-threatening situation that also

could have ended badly. ;(Well, I'll try to be back more for this site in the next few weeks,

even though I can't promise it. In addition to the stresses in the family, it is yes not only for me, but also for

All currently quite difficult. The situation of because of Corona does not really improve.

Nevertheless, it is called: Hold out!

Where do we go from here?

As already said, I will try to be a little more active in the near future. But then this depends entirely on my mood.

Please keep in mind that these pages are just a hobby for on the side and there is no huge company behind it.

For this or already last year, I had several dates with interesting content that I would have liked to show you.

We all know it ... canceled.

Nevertheless, I want to show something completely different. I've been watching some videos from the "LockPickingLawyer", a YouTube channel

with over 2.5 million subscribers, which are all about lock picking. You can watch Lock Picking as

"Picking Locks." :P I kind of got a taste for this because it really fascinates me how bad

but also how good some locks are and how quickly you can pick/pick them.

Some attempts I will dare with my beginner's set, maybe I will show this in the future likewise on YouTube. Let's see.

In any case, the first priority is D1strict-Development. This year I already wanted to create, update and

some products releases. So far, I haven't even started making any of them yet.


There's a lot to do, so it's going to take some time, energy, and desire to get something decent around.

A big thank you to you guys! Thank you for being patient. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for everything! You guys are the best.