What payment methods are offered?

We offer a variety of payment options to ensure you a relaxed shopping experience.

The following payment methods are available to you:

  • Purchase on account
  • Bank transfer
  • Payment at pickup (only for selected products)
  • PayPal
  • Stripe (Credit Card, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, eps-Transfer, Przelewy24, Alipay)
  • Moneybags, our own currency
Do I receive any mail?

You will receive all documents, such as the invoice or the order confirmation as a PDF by email. Therefore, it is important to have a valid e-mail address in the customer account and in the user account. You will not receive any mail from us.

How long does it take to activate an order?

The duration of the activation can be different.:

  • Depending on the project

In the project D1strict-Hosting, orders are activated manually for technical reasons.

In all other projects the order should be processed automatically.

  • depending on payment method

Payments via bank transfer usually take 2-3 days. In this case, activation is also done manually and will only be activated when the amount has been visibly received on our account.

An immediate activation is possible for example with PayPal and all payment methods that we offer via Stripe.

  • depending on customer status

For example, new customers or customers with blocking level >1, are also activated manually for security reasons.

What are Moneybags?

Moneybags is the site-wide, internal currency of the D1strict project group. It cannot be cashed out in real or virtual currency and is valid only on our sites.

This currency can be used to buy selected products in the store or all commercial plugins in the plugin store.

Moneybags are available through various activities:

Moneybag Earnings

  1. WoltLab Community Suite
    1. Transfer fee −5
    2. Registration 15
    3. Reaction 5
    4. Trophy 15
  2. Conversation
    1. Conversation 5
    2. Conversation reply 2
    1. Comment 5
    2. Reply to Comment 2
  4. WoltLab Suite Forum
    1. Thread 10
    2. Post 5
    3. Best answer 2
  5. WoltLab Suite Filebase
    1. File 10
    2. Review 2
    3. Download 1
    4. User Download −5
  6. WoltLab Suite Blog
    1. Blog 10
    2. Blog Article 5
  7. WoltLab Suite Gallery
    1. Album 10
    2. Image/Video 5
  8. VieCode Lexicon
    1. Lexicon Entry 10
    2. Lexicon Entry Version 5


Why is there a branding with "Sir.Robo" or "Sir.Robo's Fotostube" at D1strict-Photos?

Photos with the branding "Sir.Robo" or "Sir.Robo's Fotostube" were already created before D1strict times. At that time we already had the plan of an umbrella group for projects, but this was stopped due to lack of time. Similar to D1strict there were different projects like "Sir.Robo Development" - but also "Sir.Robo's Fotostube". - Well, and from this project comes this photo. New photos have only the D1strict-Branding.


Can I resell product licenses?

Product licenses can be resold privately. In doing so, the following (security) notes must be observed.

We explicitly point out that we do not assume any liability in case of a sale.

We recommend to draw up a proper sales contract to have a proof in case of doubt.

Please also note that transfer costs of 9,99€ will be charged.

A sale of the customer account/user account is not allowed according to §2.9 of the Terms of Use.

Where can I find my license and serial number?

You can find the license or serial number under "Control Panel → Customer Account → Licenses".

May I edit or remove the copyright notice?

Copyright notices may not be edited or even removed without an associated CopyFree license.

Where can I find the login-data for the package server?

Here we have to distinguish between the package server of our store and the package server of the plugin store.

You can find the access data for the "Store-Packageserver" here: Development → Shop → Packageserver.

Or simply here:


You are not a customer.

The access data for the PlugIn Store - Package Server are identical with the login data of your user account.

Can I test a product? / Is there a demo installation?

Yes, but only for certain products. You can find the link (if available) to the demo installation in the product description. Alternatively click here.

Why don't your products support the WSC < 5.2?

In the meantime there are more functions and changes between the versions. We don't think it's reasonable to make this compatible in terms of time. We are sure some of our extensions and styles would also work in 5.1 or 3.1, but we can't promise it.


I get an error, what can I do?

If an error 500 is displayed on your website, it means that there is an error in the PHP script or in an .htaccess file. However, the error message is not precise enough to fix the error. Therefore you should have a look at the detailed error message before contacting the support. Often you can tell what went wrong. If you still need further help, please copy the new, detailed error message.


An error 500 can have two different causes, the error can be in the .htaccess file or in a PHP script. So before you can fix the error, you need to know what kind of error it is. If you get an error message with the lima-city logo and the message "Error 500 Script error", it is an error in the PHP script. If you get an error message "Internal Server Error", it is an error in the .htaccess file.


The error messages are collected in a log file. You can find it in the /logs folder in the root directory of your FTP server. You can access the folder e.g. with FILEMANAGER.

In the default configuration the error messages are activated. If you don't see any error messages in the log file, it is possible that a PHP script with a command like ini_set("display_errors", 0); has disabled the error messages. Then check your script for this setting and disable it.


For errors in .htaccess file, unfortunately, you can't get detailed error message, so you have to check your .htaccess file for errors yourself. If you can't find the error after your own search, feel free to contact support.

Can the web space be used commercially?

Yes, everyone is allowed to use our offer as long as you follow our "terms and conditions" and rules.

How much storage is included?


lima-city is a web hosting service. That means you are free to publish your web presence here.

On your web space you have depending on the package a lot of storage space, so you are allowed to store as many files as you can. On webhosting package you are not allowed to store content that violates copyright or any other german law.


With a web hosting package you get 30, 50, 100 or 200GB of storage space guaranteed, so this can also be used for webcams, downloads, ownCloud. etc.

Is there a list of current problems?

Yes: you can check the current status of our systems at LIMA-STATUS.DE and D1STRICT-STATUS.DE. There you will also find an overview of the availability of the websites.

On Twitter we post current messages and status updates on the account @LIMA_STATUS as well as in our news: https://d1strict.de/category-article-list/130-serverstatus/.

I have uploaded a web page, but it is not displayed

The web page was uploaded successfully, but it is not displayed? The files are displayed in the file manager or FTP program, but not on the web page? The problem is most likely that they were uploaded to the wrong directory.


Your web space consists of directories where content can be uploaded. Each web page that we deliver through the web server is assigned to a directory. If you upload the web page into a wrong directory, or even into the root directory of your web space, the correct content will not be returned during a web access.

Let's try to visualize the problem: imagine your web space is a cabinet with many drawers. Each drawer corresponds to a directory. To deliver a web page, the web server looks in a register (our database) to see in which drawer the content is located and gives the drawer's content to the visitor's browser. Now, if you specify the wrong directory when uploading the web page, the web page will be placed in the wrong drawer. The web server simply returns the information from another drawer.

The same happens if no directory is specified at all when uploading. Then the web page is put on the cabinet, so to speak, so that the web server, which always looks in a drawer, cannot return it at all.


In most cases the easiest way is to restart the transfer, but to the right directory. Which directory is the right one depends on which website you want the content to be displayed under. You can find a list of your websites in the administration under the point "Websites & Domains". Under the respective domain the directory is displayed, which is assigned to the website. Change in your FTP program before uploading to this directory or enter it in the publishing settings of your homepage program under the item "Directory" (sometimes also called path or folder).

Website blocking policy

The following policy is used by the lima-city team to decide according to which aspects a web space will be locked or files will be deleted.


1.1 Misuse of resources

Automated systems block the webspace to ensure system stability within a few seconds, as soon as the following is detected:

  • DDoS/DoS/Flood attacks/Port scans/Pen tests and the like.
  • Significant CPU consumption

As a rule, the web space is not reactivated in this case.

1.2 Inactivity

The account will be locked automatically due to inactivity and the website will be set to inactive if the last login to Webhosting, Domains und Cloud von lima-city is more than one year ago. As soon as a login is made, the block is automatically removed.

On lima-city there are a lot of users who once tinkered with something many years ago and whose site has been forgotten. The consequences are pages taken over by spambots, outdated CMS, forums and blogs with security holes and much more. We try to use our server power only for webspaces that are really used. By deactivating the website nothing is lost, nothing is deleted, only the access is temporarily deactivated until the next login.


In this case, the web space will be blocked immediately in order to prevent any damage to the visitors of the website or to the lima-city users.

2.1 Security related blocking

In the following cases the HTTP(S) access will be blocked, a new FTP password will be generated and after the user has solved the problem the webspace will be unlocked again:

  • Malware or virus infection of the web space (e.g. "drive by downloads").
  • Security holes in the PHP system used
  • Hacked/manipulated webspace
  • Published/fished access data to the web space
  • Receipt of an abuse report, whose claimed infringement is obvious

2.2 Violation of the law

As a rule, HTTP(S) and FTP access will be blocked without reactivation in case of:

  • Violation of terms and conditions
  • Violation of the law (if not specified more precisely)
  • Phishing websites
  • Fraudulent websites, scam and "offshore hosting
  • Spyware, stealer, keylogger, screen captures
  • Websites that are obviously used for money laundering
  • Pornography (if the sexual act or primary sexual characteristics are explicitly shown and deliberately emphasized in their sexual activity; the primary intention is to sexually arouse the consumer)
  • Sending spam, mail bombers
  • Running botnets
  • brute force tools
  • Copyright infringement

2.3 Violation of the fair use principle

As a rule, HTTP(S) and FTP are blocked without reactivation in the case of:

  • File sharing, Leeching
  • proxy scripts, chat bots and game bots
  • Openly accessible webshells
  • Link networks that only serve to generate a high number of backlinks
  • Huge maps with zoom levels, especially Minecraft maps, etc.
  • In-game scripts/assets for computer games and the like.


The user will be informed and blocked only after the deadline expires without fixing the problem. The deadline is normally 72 hours and can be shortened in exceptional cases. A shortening of the deadline will be justified.

  • Neglected webspace (e.g. forums or guestbooks cluttered by spambots)
  • Linkfarm
  • Upon receipt of an abuse report, provided that the infringement is not obvious
  • Commercial websites with insufficient/incorrect provider identification


Depending on the extent of the offense, individual files or the entire web space will be deleted.

  • Downloads, if they are obviously copyrighted
  • A blocked webspace, if there was no response to the blocking notification within 6 weeks
General information about FTP

Attention. There is a difference between SFTP and FTPS. This article explains FTP and FTPS. SFTP, on the other hand, is based on the SSH protocol, please use SSH ACCESS for that.

FTP is an abbreviation for "File Transfer Protocol" and is a network protocol for transferring files over TCP/IP networks as an alternative to File Manager. It is used to transfer files from server to client (download) or from client to server (upload). In addition, FTP can be used to create and read directories, as well as to rename or delete directories and files.

In this case the client is your computer and the server is your webspace on lima-city. The advantage of FTP is that you can upload many files at the same time to your webspace using a simple program. The structure of such a program is often similar to the structure of an explorer or file manager.


You can find your FTP access data in the menu Administration > Webspace > FTP Access.

To be able to access the web space via FTP you need a FTP program, for example the free software FileZilla.

For performance reasons, FTP lists a maximum of 1,000 files in a single folder, even if you can store more. Tip: You should structure your files in subfolders.


The maximum file size is not limited by our FTP server, however, depending on the browser, operating system, internet connection and internet settings used, there may be technical limitations on uploading or downloading.

General information about domains


The activation of domains is automated and since domains are registered 24/7, they are usually available within 3 hours. (Sometimes there are delays, because it takes some time until the central German registry DENIC enters the domain into their DNS servers).



At lima-city you also have the possibility to create unlimited subdomains for your purchased or bought domain. This works via the menu Administration > Websites & Domains > ∨ next to the respective domain > Create Subdomain. There you also have to specify a directory on your webspace to which the subdomain should be forwarded.

You can also create so-called "wildcard" subdomains. So if you create the subdomain "*.example.org" with the asterisk as wildcard, all subdomains will be forwarded to the same directory.

Note: The "www" in front of each domain also represents only one subdomain. So if you want to reach your domain also via "WWW.", you have to set up this subdomain for it.

You can also get free subdomains from lima-city without owning a domain. You can create free subdomains like mydomain.4lima.de or mydomain.12hp.de in the administration (under Webspace > Websites > create free subdomain).


The domain is valid for 1 year and will not be renewed automatically. The domain is ad-free and points to your webspace at lima-city by default. The domain can also be switched to a webspace at another provider via A-Record. The auctioned domain costs 0,00 € in the first year, for purchased domains the price list is valid. Attention, the chosen domain name must not violate German law! Wrong owner data can lead to the deletion of the domain.

If you own a domain at lima-city, you have bought it only for a certain period of time, that's the system of domains. We offer you 3 possibilities what you can do after the term:

  • You let the domain expire: You do nothing because you don't want to keep the domain anymore. Then the domain is simply deleted and everything is done.
  • You renew the domain: You want to keep your domain at lima-city. We will set up a payment option for you and you can pay for the next year. After that we will host your domain for another year.
  • You move with the domain: If you prefer to switch to another provider, you just have to ask them to move the domain. Everything else will be handled by your other provider. If you need the Auth-Code (also called "Auth-Info") for the technical transfer, which has to be done by the new provider, you can get it via Support-Ticket (menu "Help").


An explanation of how you can use third-party domains at lima-city can be found here: HOW CAN I USE ANOTHER PROVIDER'S DOMAIN WITH LIMA-CITY-WEBSPACE?


You already have a real domain with another provider and you are also the owner of this real domain? Then you can transfer the domain completely to lima-city. To do this, order the domain from us using our order form and select the option "Move your own domain". Afterwards you have to inform your old provider and send us the Auth-Code (also called "Auth-Info") via support ticket or e-mail. We will then move the domain completely to us.

You have to set up new e-mail accounts and forwardings at lima-city, e-mails will not be moved. Also you have to upload your webspace content at lima-city and if necessary create your subdomains at our site.

During the move, the domain including e-mail addresses will be temporarily unavailable for technical reasons.


If you have bought or bought a domain on lima-city, you can create real e-mail mailboxes in the menu Administration > Webspace > Mailbox Administration in the form "NAME@DOMAIN.TLD".

You can create as many mailboxes as you want, also a catch-all filter is possible, which forwards emails to a selected mailbox.

We also offer lima-city webmail at HTTP://MAIL.LIMA-CITY.DE/, there you can login with the mailbox name and password and send and receive emails.

The mailboxes can be accessed via SMTP as well as via POP3, so programs like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird can be used. For the integrated spam protection we have activated the so-called "greylisting".

An e-mail including attachments may be up to 100 MB in size. Each mailbox itself has a size of 10 GB. Only in our webmail program for the browser there is an upload limit per file of 5 MB.

POP3/IMAP/SMTP server: mail.lima-city.de

Username/mailbox: NAME@DOMAIN.TLD

Password: The set password

Outgoing mail server requires authentication!

Spam emails that land in the inbox can simply be moved to the spam folder, the spam filter will learn them as spam. If a non-spam email lands in the spam folder, then do the whole thing in reverse, again the filter will learn.


  • Real mailboxes (see above)
  • Wildcards are possible for domains
  • Unlimited subdomains (see above)
  • .htaccess is allowed, e.g. for password protection
  • Own error pages are freely definable
  • Mod rewrite for search engine optimization is available
  • fsockopen, curl and many more options and commands are enabled
  • Absolute freedom from advertising
  • Unlimited traffic
  • PHP, FTP and MySQL
  • A strong, active community
Where can I find access data for SSH, FTP and MySQL?

All access data can be found in the administration under "Webspace".

Your FTP access data can be found here: FTP-ACCESS DATAYour MySQL access data can be found here: MYSQL-ACCESS-DATA

We do not send access data by e-mail. You will receive your user password by e-mail, if you have activated the corresponding option during your registration.

Remove UTF8 Byte Order Mark (UTF8-BOM)

If PHP files are edited with an unsuitable editor (WordPad or the Windows editor are NOT suitable text editors!), errors are often caused by automatically added Byte Order Marks (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/BYTE_ORDER_MARK#).

This invisible "special character" at the beginning of the file causes errors that look like this:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/webpages/lima-city/username/wordpress/wp-config.php:1) in /home/webpages/lima-city/username/wordpress/wp-includes/something.php on line 1337

Follow these steps to repair the file:

  1. download it again via FTP to your PC
  2. open it with an editor like Notepad++ (Notepad++)
  3. select "UTF-8 without BOM" under format
  4. save the file again and upload it again
What can I expect from your support?

Occasionally the question comes up: how far do we help you with our support, what is in it, what is not?

We are a web hosting provider. We are not an agency for website creation or support.

That means, we provide you with webspace, database, SSL etc., but we don't work on your website for you, we don't program your website for you and we don't repair your website for you, if you have broken it (but then you can always restore a backup via the administration).

This is comparable to us providing you with a plot of land with electricity, water and gas connections, but you have to build the house yourself. If there are problems to connect your house to the power grid, we will help you. But we are not your interior designer or electrician. That means: We are happy to give you tips and hints for troubleshooting, but we are not an agency that fully "manages" your website and implements changes for you. This is in a completely different price category, not 5€ per month but rather 25€ per quarter of an hour or part thereof.

So please don't be angry with us if we don't change the font color to red on your contact page, because your webspace is your "kingdom", not ours ;)

FAQ for the EU-GDPR

What is "order data processing"?

The service of lima-city is to provide you with web space and thus storage space, databases and access to our servers. The maintenance, further development and administration of these server systems is our task. In most cases, you will process, store or use personal data on this storage space. If lima-city comes into "contact" with this data in the context of maintenance, development and administration, lima-city manages this data "on behalf of" - this constitutes commissioned data processing within the meaning of ART. 28 GDPR. Nevertheless, you are the sole responsible party for the data ("responsible party") and must take care of compliance with all legal obligations regarding data protection.

What are personal data?

See ART. 4 GDPR: "personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (hereinafter "data subject"); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

Simply put, can the data theoretically be used to find out which person it belongs to, even if it requires a lot of effort? Yes? Then it is personal data!

Do I always have to sign such a contract?

The contract is necessary if there is commissioned data processing in the sense of the law - this is not the case for all web hosting services. If only domains are registered - without using the e-mail server and no website is operated on our servers - it does not have to be commissioned data processing. After all, no personal data of third parties are processed by lima-city on behalf of the customer.

Does lima-city store personal data (logs, ...)?

Yes. Without the temporary logging of IP addresses and the comparison with blocking lists in the context of security systems, the secure operation of server systems is not possible. IP addresses are anonymized whenever possible and stored for an appropriately short period of time (usually 7 days or less).

Are IP addresses personal?

Yes, this must always be assumed.

Is my web hosting contract not sufficient?

No, not at all! The law requires a separate contract (DGVO Art. 28) between the web hoster (contractor) and the client (you) for order processing.

Will the contract cost me anything?

That depends: Customers with paid web hosting packages receive the contract as an included service in their package.

How can I sign the contract?

Please fill out the contract in the administration under "ADV-VERTRAG". To do this, you must specify what types of data and about whom you are storing the data. We have pre-filled some common cases. You don't store anything at all? Then just enter "none" twice, and you're done. See also our FILL IN HELP FOR ADV CONTRACT and the SAMPLE CONTRACT.

It is not necessary to send us the signed contract!

I run my website for purely personal or family purposes, do I still have to sign the contract?

The ART. 2 ABS. 2 NO. C says that "in order to carry out exclusively personal or family activities" the regulation does not have to be applied. But in CONSIDERATION NO. 18 it says about this, "However, this Regulation applies to controllers or processors that provide the instruments for processing personal data for such personal or family activities."

So it can be argued for "yes" and "no" in that case. We leave it up to you to decide which interpretation makes sense - because you are the data controller, not us. Our recommendation is to conclude the contract - then you are on the safe side. In case of doubt, please contact a lawyer or legal advisor.

The state commissioner for data protection (the responsible supervisory authority) has CONFIRMED our EXECUTION.

If I do not sign a contract with lima-city, will I be terminated?

No. You are the responsible person in the sense of the law, not us. We keep it as usual and provide you with the tools you need to run your website. We do not force you to comply with the EU GDPR or to follow our interpretation, this is only a recommendation. We will not terminate you or disable your website. It may just as well be that you are exempt from the regulation.

Is there a sample contract?

A sample contract can be viewed in the administration office: SAMPLE-CONTRACT

I am not resident in the EU!

This hardly makes a difference: the decisive factor is whether you store data from or about EU citizens. Not where you live or where your company is located. Also e.g. US companies that do business in the EU and store data of EU citizens fall under the regulation.

This is all stupid, what does the EU allow itself to dictate to me...?

The legislator constantly prescribes things that are nonsensical and annoying at first glance: Scales have to be controlled by the Weights and Measures Office, trades have to be registered, in restaurants and food businesses the Veterinary Office comes and controls food safety, in the workplace there are accident prevention regulations, cars have to go to the TÜV, you even have to keep data about financial transactions, put them in a special format and regularly submit them to an authority (so-called "tax return"). So further regulation - which is completely necessary when you see in the media how our data is being messed around with - isn't so bad, is it?


You can contact our support in several ways. If you see an error message, please send us a screenshot via email attachment or ticket system.

To shorten the time to solve your problem, you can answer some questions directly in the first message, which we will ask you otherwise in the first answer. If you give us the right information directly, we will find the solution faster!

If you answer the following questions, we will be able to answer your ticket very quickly:

  • What goal do you want to achieve?
  • What steps are you taking, and where exactly is the problem?
  • On which website does the problem occur (full URL)?
  • If there is an error message: can you send a screenshot?


You can find our TICKETSUPPORT on our site or in the administration under "Support-Tickets".


Write us an e-mail to HOSTING@D1STRICT.DE or to SUPPORT@LIMA-CITY.DE.


You can reach us between 9:00 and 18:00 at +49 421 40 89 99 94 (local rate).

Please understand that our telephone support is not continuously manned. If no one is available you can leave a message and we will call you back.

On weekdays all callbacks will be processed on the same day!

FTP reports "Home directory not reachable"

If you try to connect to your lima-city webspace with your FTP program and you get an error message like "home directory not reachable", in most cases you have set a wrong FTP server (host).

Please make sure to use username.lima-ftp.de as FTP server. On other server addresses like username.lima-city.dethe connection will fail!

Ace Logistics

How do I apply?

To apply, simply fill out the application form. We will get back to you.

What are the paintjobs we use?

The paintjob is called Dualist, and the two colors you need to use are for the truck Blue - Yellow and for trailers use yellow - blue. The colors will be pasted below so use either the HEX code or the RGB.




Where i can see my stats for ETS2, TruckersMP or ATS?

To view your statistics, it is necessary to be logged in. You should then be able to access statistics at: https://d1strict.de/al-leaderboard-en/.

I get the message that I do not have enough permissions. What now?

Please make sure that your account on the website is connected to Discord. All existing permissions will be synced once you connect your account. https://d1strict.de/account-management/#discordSync

How do I find out if I have a 64-bit system or a 32-bit system?

To find this out, go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System.

There you will find the information "System-Type", this tells you what kind of system you have installed.



How can I book a driving test?

Make sure you are logged in. To make a booking, simply fill out this form and a member of the Truck Instructor team will contact you shortly.


Why can't I apply?

If you are already a driver, there is no need to apply again. Otherwise, you will get the opportunity to apply here, both when logged in and when not logged in: https://d1strict.de/al-apply-notice/?l=2