The D1strict

An umbrella group of different projects. Plugins for WoltLab®, photos and more.

Where does the name come from?

Originally thought for easier management of different interests of mine.

Now this has become a project group, as many different hobbies (which have little connection to each other) have resulted in several web contents.

The name comes from the English word District, which translated means district. How did I come up with it? I was browsing social media and saw a really great photo of some skyscrapers from New York. Hence the name.

Now about me.

I'm Felix and I'm from Berlin, the capital that finally has a new airport.

As written above, I have many different hobbies, for example photography, web development, blogging, radio, and much more. . To form a unified basis, I have already tried to form a project group at the end of 2019, unfortunately I failed due to lack of time.

Well, as you can see, I think I managed it.

But since it would also be a bit boring for you to only look at my hobbies (why would you want to!? :D) I like to invite you to participate in my site.

In many projects you have the possibility to contribute something yourself, be it by commenting on posts or blogging in your own blog.

What you can see here.

On these pages you can see all my results, which were created by my hobbies.

Starting with the photos: In the project "D1strict-Photos" you can find many great photos of nature, landscape, abandoned places, and much more. As just mentioned, you can also give a little joy for all of us (the community, you & me). Because here you have the agony of choice and may choose some of your most beautiful photos and show them to the public.

But also in the project "D1strict-Development" you can roll up your sleeves. There you may, (at least if you are a developer or designer) upload packages for the content management system "WoltLab Suite™ Core" extension packages in the PlugIn Store. There I offer styles and small extensions for the just mentioned CMS. Also coming out of the project are some Android apps as well as web apps that (maybe) make your life easier. ^^

Now to the blog. I don't have to explain much more, because this has already been done a bit above.

In this project I blog about current events in my everyday life or the immediate environment as well as tips and tricks for the WSC.