• Public API documentation of the Ace Logistics - Jobtracker.

    1 Jobs

    1.1 Retrieve jobs

    URL (GET):


    Parameter Value Requirement
    jobID Integer (Job-ID) No


    1.2 Add a job

    URL (POST):


    Parameter Value Requirement
    sourcecity string (Start-City) Yes
    sourcecompany string (Start-City) Yes
    destinationcity string (Destination) Yes
    destinationcompany string (Target company) Yes
    truckbrand string (Vehicle brand) No
    gametype string (Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator) No
    topspeed integer (Maximum speed driven) No
    timedue integer (Due date of delivery) No
    collisioncount integer (Number of collisions) Yes
    fuel integer (Verbrauchter Treibstoff) No
    odometer integer (Fuel consumed) No
    realtimetaken integer (Required time in real time) Yes
    realtimestarted integer (Time of the start in real time) Yes
    realtimeended integer (Time of the order end in real time) Yes
    cargo string (Cargo) Yes
    income integer (Income) Yes
    mass integer (Freight weight) Yes
    distancedriven integer (Driven kilometer) Yes
    timedelivered integer (Time of delivery (ingame)) No
    timestarted integer (Time of the order start (ingame)) No
    steamid integer (Steam-ID) Yes
    steamusername string (Steam-Username) Yes
    status integer (1 = in progress, 2 = Done, 3 = Cancelled) Yes


        "status": "",
        "code": "",
        "securityCode": ""