Upgrade to MySQL 8

From July 2021, only MySQL 8.0 will be provided for web hosting databases. Older versions will no longer be used.

Current software products are compatible with MySQL 8, only outdated pieces of software or self-developed systems may have compatibility issues:

  • New keywords are introduced in MySQL 8. If tables or columns are named like such keywords, they must be set in backticks in SQL queries (e.g. `groups` instead of groups) or the column must be renamed. Keywords in MySQL 8
  • the PASSWORD() function is no longer available
  • the SQL mode is not changed by us

The following software packages require updates at least to the following versions to be compatible. We are not aware of any compatibility issues for other software programs.

Software min. Version
Concrete 5 8.4.1
Contao 3.5.40
Drupal 8.6.x
Shopware 5.5