TruckersMP 6th Anniversary

Dear players,

Today we are celebrating six years of TruckersMP! After months of development and sleepless nights, we released the first alpha version on the 1st of May 2014 to the public, and to this day, we are still growing!

2019 was an exciting year for us, with great developments and features released to the users. We start off in January with the launch of our much-anticipated Knowledge Base System! This is a great system that allows us to categorize articles and translate them for the majority of our player-base. March brought the first Rule Update to the community, focused around save editing as this was the prelude to the major update of Road to Simulation. This was widely received within the community and brought much-needed changes to the servers, game rules and to push the focus back to the original simulation aspect of the game. April brought a great new feature for those who organise and plan events, and this was the Event Server Request. This was a great addition to the community, and allows event organisers to plan events with much more control!

In May we turned 5 years old! This was the month that we shifted focus to the rework of our official discord guild, and with that came our open-source bot, Botranktir! We also created our exclusive vanity URL for our server, and added some great features to the guild too! July brought a brand new feature to the community in the form of our VTC System, which underwent some great additions throughout 2019, and this year we have plenty of plans for it as well. July also brought the introduction of our official Instagram account which we use to share the great views of both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator!

August brought the second edition of Road to Simulation which focused on internal changes that were pushed to the Game Moderation team, with the aim to drastically reduce the number of players who did not follow the rules. Moving on to September, we revealed that we would be supporting one of the most popular modifications in the Euro Truck world, ProMods. This was a long-awaited addition to TruckersMP, and this was a record-breaking time for our social platforms too! Moving into October we launched our TruckersMP Patreon support, which allowed users to officially support the development and upkeep of the project and also brought exclusive rewards. Also in October, we unveiled our first official partners, and these included TruckersFM and ProMods. We chose to partner with these as they are supporting and engaging the community that contributes so much to TruckersMP and our community.

The 19th October. This is the landmark day of the year as we officially released the ProMods servers to the community, this was one of the most requested features from the community. 3 million members, an extraordinary number. We hit this feat in November of last year, to think that we achieved 2 million users only in January of 2018, it just goes to show that we are growing more and more each and every day! December, the month of giving. Last December we supported Make-A-Wish Foundation where the community came together to support a great cause, raising a fantastic £2565!

So what will 2020 bring?

We have some great additions lined up for the year, and some exciting new features that will further enhance your TruckersMP experience! We have some amazing plans and ideas for our Patreon pledges throughout 2020.

Thank you again for your continuous support throughout the years. We really do appreciate it. Without you, TruckersMP would not be a project, you keep us going, and we will continue to do our best for you!

The TruckersMP Team

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