Forum Rules Update

Dear Truckers!

We have reworked our Forum Rules to make it more slimline and understandable. We encourage you to read what has changed so you are not caught out in any circumstances.

What's changed?

All of the rules have changed or been moved and you will notice there are far fewer individual rules than there were before which is because we have merged a lot into other rules.

One major change is the rule "§4.4 Reputation Farming" which has now been removed after careful consideration to reflect our modern approach on the forums.

Rule numbers have also changed so this means rules will now full under a different number than before.

You can find all the forum rules here

If you have any questions regarding the rules changing, please contact 'Community Moderation Management' through Feedback here.

Many thanks and Happy Trucking!

TruckersMP Community Moderation Management!

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