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This page is in the test phase. Bugs can be reported in Discord to CyberLife_RK#0800. Thank you very much!

About us

We are a welcoming VTC that began operations on February 22, 2021. Our focus is on drivers satisfaction, so as often as possible, we involve the opinion of many drivers when it comes to decisions.

We are an active and friendly community and would love to have you on board too!

Our Drivershub

The Drivershub - the central information interface with driver logbook, company data, but also opportunities for exchange within the company (i.e. forums, gallery) and much more.

This is how we manage to bring our drivers closer together.

Driver safety training can also be booked via Driverhub. The development of the Drivershub has taken a long time and is nevertheless constantly being developed further in order to offer our drivers more possibilities and features.

We are looking for you!

What makes us stand out from other VTC'S you may be asking?

We have hard working and caring staff who are always available for a chat.
We have a friendly and well looked after public discord.
We have an eye-catching paint job that stands out on the roads.
We have modded skins for trucks and trailers in ETS2 & ATS Singleplayer.
We have a new and up-to-date website.
We have many driver training courses available.
We have many great driver roles and ranks to work towards.
And, best of all, we have monthly public convoys!

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